JANUARY Gerald & Lois Munholland

FEBRUARY Ed & Ingrid Youck

MARCH Ernie & Lorna Gritzfeldt

APRIL Jenny & Mike Tamlin

MAY Anne Switzer & Margot Biller

JUNE Marvin & Orva Kelln

JULY Carol Schultz & Linda Lanigan

AUGUST Linda & Peter Barry

SEPTEMBER Joyce Wagner & June Dickie

OCTOBER Edwin & Gwen Yung

NOVEMBER Larry & Rose Erhardt

DECEMBER Nola Schulz & Rhonda Schulz

This schedule is not made in stone, if you can’t manage to do your month, see if you can trade with someone else.

The duties are posted on the swinging door at the back of the church. If you need supplies such as bowl cleaner, toilet paper and paper towel buy locally. There is an upright vacuum cleaner in the rear entrance of the church that we use for the upstairs. Let me, Orva, know when paper towel for the dispensers is needed.

Thank you everyone for taking part in the cleaning of our church, this is very much appreciated.

Any questions, please call Orva Kelln at (306) 725-4563.