St. John Norrona Newsletter

February 2021

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Online Services Only

As per the guidelines put forward by the Saskatchewan Synod as of Wednesday, November 25, 2020, live services have once again been suspended until further notice. Online services will continue. All St. John and Norrona Lutheran Church services may be viewed at

Scripture Lessons

February 7, 2021 (Fifth Sunday After Epiphany):

Isaiah 40:21-31 Psalm 147:1-11, 20

1 Corinthians 9:16-23 Mark 1:29-39

February 14, 2021 (Transfiguration Of Our Lord):

2 Kings 2:1-12 Psalm 50:1-6

2 Corinthians 4:3-6 Mark 9:2-9

February 21, 2021 (First Sunday In Lent):

Genesis 9:8-17 Psalm 25:1-10

1 Peter 3:18-22 Mark 1:9-15

February 28, 2021 (Second Sunday In Lent):

Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 Psalm 22:23-31

Romans 4:13-25 Mark 8:31-38

Pastor’s Report

We are entering the end of this winter. To me it has felt like a long one already as I write this near the end of January. However long it has been, there is no doubt the days are noticeably longer and the sun has a lot more heat in it when it shines. The change is coming.

Change is good. Sometimes we can feel like change is happening too quickly. Sometimes we can feel like we are being left behind. It can feel like change is accelerating and even out of control. For most people change gets more difficult as we get a bit older. It is easy to get comfortable with what we are used to. “That’s the way it has always been” can sound reasonable but it is not a good excuse and it is not even true! “The way it has always been” just means the way something has been recently. It means no more than “what we are used to.” Most of the time it is just an excuse to avoid accepting the new.

New ways can be challenging. New ways can be uncomfortable. The new is unfamiliar by definition. And the unfamiliar can feel frightening. Even threatening. But that does not keep things from changing. That does not keep the new from arriving.

My aunt has spent the last couple of years learning how to use an iPad. She has learned to text and to email and to use facebook. My mother has learned to love texting on her smart phone. Rev. George Evenson, former president of our seminary was in his eighties when he got his first computer. He spent his last twenty years staying in constant touch with hundreds of colleagues and former students via email. These are examples of people willing to learn and grow and stay fresh and green and young despite their age. I hope I do the same.

Others decide they don’t want to learn anything new. They decide to stay stuck in the past and as a result they get left behind. It is sad when that happens. It often results in unnecessary isolation and sometimes can lead to great loneliness.

But change comes to us unbidden. Even God changes! Read the stories of Moses praying for the people in the wilderness. Remember the story of Jonah. When we repent God says that the divine mind is changed. When the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us (John 1) God changed. God took up into divinity the reality of human experience. Salvation changed. Our experience of God is now seen through Christ. That is the essence of the gospel, God become man; the Incarnation. And it is truly The Good News!

So this year we have had a lot of changes. On line church. Zoom meetings. Scripture readings in a corral. New liturgies. New songs. Masks and physical distancing. Some very good things and some things that nobody really enjoys. But here we are and this has all happened. We continue to grow and adapt and change. As God said about the creation: “Behold it is good.” And as for the change that comes in and through human beings God said “Behold it is very good.”

Stay green, stay flexible, keep growing and together we will accept and will grow to love whatever changes God sends to us!


Norrona News

As Covid19 restrictions prevent our usual gathering for our annual meeting, alternative plans are being considered. Annual reports and plans for the meeting will be emailed to those for whom we have an email address. They will be hand delivered or mailed to those who we know have no access to email.

Merna and Bob Hanson will be moving to Moose Jaw at the beginning of February. We are so sorry to see them go, but wish God’s blessing on them in their new home.

“The only safe place for a sheep is by the side of his shepherd, because the Devil does not fear sheep. He just fears the Shepherd.”

Norrona 2020 Financial Statement
January – December, 2020 Actual Budget
General Account Opening Balance 5155.87
Offering Income

Offering Envelops 27373.50
Loose Offering 179.00
In support of on line worship services 1120.00
Fundraising Income

Scandinavian Supper

Other Income

GST Income 208.18
Faith Life Grants

Easter Breakfast

Total Income 28880.68

Parish Expenses (Paid to St. John)
Pastoral Ministry

Pastor Salary 16905.02 16922.76
787.86 724.50
312.16 299.72
51.22 325.00
Health and Dental 1312.00 1338.00
Continuing Ed. Plan 168.75 150.00
1668.27 1353.82
667.80 676.91
Book Allowance 25.08 125.00
Worship and Services

Pulpit Supply
Supply Mileage 0.00 150.00
Supply Travel Time 0.00 62.50
Supply Honourariums 0.00 0.00
Supply Meetings 0.00 0.00
Parish Secretary 900.00 900.00
Secretary EI 19.96 20.41
Secretary CPP 1.32 1.28
Pastor’s Discretionary Fund 0.00 125.00
Worship Supplies (a/v equip) 1741.97 250.00
Confirmation/Baptism Supplies 0.00 12.50
Copier lease, paper, insurance 366.30 575.00
Office Supplies 0.00 250.00
Advertising 24.75 11.25
Copyright Licensing Fees 36.25 40.00
Miscellaneous 89.65 0.00

Parish Properties

Telephone 215.28 225.00
Internet Service 178.84 162.50
Website Hosting 59.66 150.00
Total Parish Expenses 25532.14 25351.15

Congregational Expense

1279.42 1300.00
Office/General Administrative 920.42 900.00
Organist (Designated Fees) 1170.00 1650.00
Treasurer (Designated Fees) 600.00 600.00
Repair and Maintenance 380.89 2000.00
SaskEnergy 776.14 1100.00
Sask Power 627.07 1200.00
Scandinavian Supper 20.67 1800.00
Youth Account 700.00 700.00
Supplies – Groceries 18.49 400.00
Worship Supplies 162.18 150.00
Conventions 0.00 200.00
Miscellaneous 0.00 100.00
CLWR Concert (entertainment) 0.00 300.00
GST Paid on Purchases 164.93 250.00
Total Congregations Expense 6820.21 12650.00
Total Expenses 32352.35 38001.15
Covid 19 wage subsidy 366.24
From Memorial Acc’t for Audio Equipment 487.69
From Memorial Acc’t for R/M 380.89
General Account Closing Balance 2919.02

Missions 01-Jan-20

Benevolence Received 1930.00

Other (Christmas Hampers) 500.00

From Memorial account 770.00
Disbursed – Synod Benevolence 1900.00 1900.00

Kinasao Bible Camp 250.00 250.00

Hospital Chaplaincy 250.00 250.00

Campus Ministry 50.00 50.00

Lutheran Seminary 250.00 250.00

Other (Christmas Hampers) 500.00 0.00
Total Disbursed 3200.00 2700.00
CLWR 01-Jan-20

Received (Benevolence) 830.00 780.00
CLWR Raffle 0.00 350.00
Fundraiser (Equip a School & food security) 1575.00 1670.00
Total Disbursed 2405.00 2800.00

Memorial January 1, 2020 13045.11
To General for audio/visual equipment 487.69
Transferred to Repairs & Maintenance 380.89
To Missions (benevolence) 770.00
Balance 31-Dec-20 15086.98

Cemetery Fund – January 1, 2020 492.86
Grass Cutting 420.00
Balance 31-Dec-20 1272.86

Youth Group – January 1, 2020 730.00

From General Account 700.00
Balance 31-Dec-20 1430.00

Investor Savings – January 1, 2020 29111.64
Balance 31-Dec-20 29251.24

Norrona Lutheran Church

Financial Report

December 2020

Norrona Revenue

*Regular Sunday Offering (envelopes,

benevolence/missions (including CLWR),

loose, and other Norrona regular offering) $5,688.50

*Other revenue (e.g. bank interest, Norrona

fundraising, and other Norrona-specific

revenue) $ 303.73

Total Revenue $5,992.23

Norrona Expenses

*Norrona portion of Parish Expenses (e.g.

Pastor salary, benefits, EI, mileage, Pulpit

Supply, office & worship supplies, telephone

office secretary) – paid to St. John $1,710.28

*Norrona Congregational Expenses (e.g.

maintenance, insurance, utilities, fundraising,

worship & office supplies, organist) $ 332.37

*Missions of the Church (e.g. Sask. Synod,

CLWR, and other Norrona specific mission

projects) $ 315.00

Total Expenses $2,357.65

Net Income $3,634.58

St. John News

The date for St. John’s Annual Meeting has been set for Sunday, March 14th.

St. John Lutheran Church

Monthly Financial Summary

December 2020


Total regular offering (includes for our

Church, CLWR, Benevolence, and pre-

Authorized monthly giving) 5,710.00

Total other revenue (e.g. rental property,

Donations, interest, etc.) 10,372.95

Total revenue 16,082.95


Pastor Payroll (e.g. salary, benefits, EI,

mileage, etc.) 5,235.69

Missions (e.g. Benevolence, Sask. Synod,

etc.) 1,395.00

Worship and services (e.g. Pulpit Supply,

travel time, mileage, worship and office

supplies, Organist, Secretary, Treasurer,

Envelope Secretary, etc.) 875.89

Church properties (e.g. power, telephone,

natural gas, bank service charges, line of

credit, insurance, church maintenance,

etc.) ­ 995.60

Total expenses 8,502.18

Net Income 7,580.77

December revenues exceeded expenses. Revenues included mailed-in donations, e-transfers, pre-authorized giving, and direct deposits. Most of the donations (this month and through most of 2020) have been recorded as “gifts received” rather than as regular offering because the donations arrived at various times throughout the month, and were not associated with any particular Sunday service.

Expenses during the month included a special “payroll management” charge to pay for preparation of the 2021 payroll budget.

If you have any questions or comments related to this financial summary report, please contact a St. John Council member.

St. John Lutheran Church
Income Statement 12/01/2020 to 12/31/2020
Regular Offering
Benevolence 825.00
CLWR 400.00
Envelopes 4,485.00
Loose Offering 0.00
Total Regular Offering 5,710.00
Other Revenue
Church Use 0.00
Dividends 0.00
Church Directory 0.00
Fund Raising Income 0.00
Clay Revenue 0.00
Faithlife Grants 0.00
Hospital Ministry 0.00
Epiphany Dessert 0.00
Gifts Received 9,440.60
Property Donations 0.00
Memorial Donations 60.00
Mosaic Fundraiser 0.00
Canada Lutheran 19.40
Parsonage Rent 850.00
Plan 24 Interest 2.95
Total Other Offerings 10,372.95
Pastor Payroll Expenses
Pastors Salary 4,230.69
CPP 0.00
EI 0.00
Mileage 0.00
Health & Dental 334.50
Church Pension 451.27
Continuing Education Plan 50.00
Long term Disability 169.23
Total Pastor Costs 5,235.69
Missions of the Church
Benevolence 995.00
CLWR 400.00
Hospital Ministry 0.00
Total Sask Synod 1,395.00
Fundraising Expenses 0.00
Strasbourg District Foodgrains Bank 0.00
Clay Expenses 0.00
Parish Youth 0.00
Total Missions 1,395.00
Worship & Services
Supply Travel Time 0.00
Parish Secretary 225.00
Employer share of EI 4.98
Employer share of CPP 0.33
Organist & Choir 100.00
Postage 229.65
Worship Supplies 0.00
Designated Fees 125.00
Copyright Licensing Fees 0.00
Copier Lease, Paper, Insurance 0.00
Office Supplies 190.93
Office Equipment 0.00
Total Worship & Services 875.89
Church Properties
Church Maintenance 100.00
Church Energy 229.99
Church Power 242.37
Website Hosting 0.00
Internet Service 0.00
Church Telephone 98.94
Church Water & Sewer 0.00
Total Church Costs 671.30
Parsonage Energy 0.00
Parsonage Power 0.00
Parsonage Water & Sewer 0.00
Parsonage Maintenance 0.00

Total Parsonage Expenses 0.00
Insurance 0.00
Audit 0.00
Payroll Management 322.80
Service Charges .00
Line of Credit 1.50
Church Directory 0.00
Elevator Maintenance 0.00
Groceries Purchased 0.00
Total Church Properties Expenses 995.60
NET INCOME 7,580.77
St. John Lutheran Church
Balance Sheet As at 12/31/2020
Current Assets
Affinity Credit Union Chequing 7,242.09
Youth Savings Bank Account 5,058.01
St. John Youth Savings 1,662.19
Memorial Account 11,371.64
Property Account 9,792.69
Insurance/Taxes Account 1,252.37
Total Current Assets 36,378.99
Flex Term 50,364.77
Escalator GIC 60 month 85,971.57
Total Investments 136,336.34
Receivable Accounts
Norrona Receivable 1,688.65
Total Norrona Receivable 1,688.65
50 % GST Receivable 40.81
Total Receivables 1,729.46
Capital Assets
Church & Property 675,339.00
Office Furniture & Equipment 116,800.00
Net-Church Building & Equipment 792,139.00
Parsonage 228,500.00
Total Capital Assets 1,020,639.00
TOTAL ASSET 1,195,083.79
Current Liabilities

Damage Deposit 850.00
EI Payable 10.50
CPP Payable -10.50
Total Receiver General 0.00
Total Current Liabilities 850.00
Member’s Equity
Equity – Previous Year 1,190,277.20
Current Earnings 3,956.59
Total Retained Earnings 1,194,233.79
TOTAL EQUITY 1,194,233.79