St. John Norrona Newsletter

July 2020

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Please accept this invitation to view all St. John and Norrona Lutheran Church services at until further notice. Thank you.

Scripture Lessons

July 5, 2020:

Zechariah 9:9-12 Psalm 145:8-14

Romans 7:15-25a Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30

July 12, 2020:

Isaiah 55:10-13 Psalm 65:1-13

Romans 8:1-11 Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

July 19, 2020:

Isaiah 44:6-8 Psalm 86:11-17

Romans 8:12-25 Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

July 26, 2020:

1 Kings 3:5-12 Psalm 119:129-136

Romans 8:26-39 Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

Parsonage For Rent

The Parsonage will be available for rent as of August 1, 2020. If you know of anyone who is looking to rent, please contact Marvin Kelln at (306) 725-4563 for more information.

St. John Lutheran Church
Income Statement 05/01/2020 to 05/31/2020
Regular Offering
Benevolence 685.00
CLWR 0.00
Envelopes 5,835.00
Loose Offering 0.00
Total Regular Offering 6,520.00
Other Revenue
Church Use 0.00
Dividends 0.00
Church Directory 0.00
Fund Raising Income 0.00
Clay Revenue 0.00
Faithlife Grants 0.00
Hospital Ministry 0.00
Epiphany Dessert 0.00
Gifts Received (e-transfers and donations) 130.00
Property Donations 0.00
Memorial Donations 20.00
Mosaic Fundraiser 0.00
Miscellaneous Income (COVID 19 federal subsidy) 276.81
Parsonage Rent 850.00
Plan 24 Interest 9.39
Total Other Offerings 1,286.20
Pastor Payroll Expenses
Pastors Salary 4,230.69
CPP 210.63
EI 93.58
Mileage 0.00
Health & Dental 334.50
Church Pension 239.74
Continuing Education Plan 31.25
Long term Disability 169.23
Total Pastor Costs 5,309.62
Missions of the Church
Benevolence 685.00
CLWR 0.00
Hospital Ministry 0.00
Total Sask Synod 685.00
Fundraising Expenses 0.00
Strasbourg District Foodgrains Bank 0.00
Clay Expenses 0.00
Parish Youth 0.00
Total Missions 685.00
Worship & Services
Supply Travel Time 0.00
Parish Secretary 225.00
Employer share of EI 4.98
Employer share of CPP 0.33
Organist & Choir 150.00
Postage 0.00
Worship Supplies 0.00
Designated Fees 125.00
Copyright Licensing Fees 0.00
Copier Lease, Paper, Insurance 91.86
Office Equipment 0.00
Total Worship & Services 597.17
Church Properties
Church Maintenance 0.00
Church Energy 170.59
Church Power 224.63
Website Hosting 0.00
Internet Service 0.00
Church Telephone 98.37
Church Water & Sewer 0.00
Total Church Costs 493.59
Parsonage Energy 0.00
Parsonage Power 0.00
Parsonage Water & Sewer 0.00
Parsonage Maintenance 0.00
Total Parsonage Expenses 0.00
Insurance (insurance church and parsonage) 5,279.86

Audit 0.00
Payroll Management 59.67
Service Charges (ISC registry annual fee) 35.00
Line of Credit 1.50
Church Directory 0.00
Elevator Maintenance 0.00
Miscellaneous (Norrona share of COVID 19 subsidy) 69.20
Groceries Purchased 0.00
Total Church Properties Expenses 5,938.82
NET INCOME -4,724.41
St. John Lutheran Church
Balance Sheet As at 05/31/2020
Current Assets
Affinity Credit Union Chequing 997.04
Youth Savings Bank Account 5,055.03
St. John Youth Savings 1,661.21
Memorial Account 9,854.84
Property Account 11,380.77
Insurance/Taxes Account 346.20
Total Current Assets 29,295.09
Flex Term 50,364.77
Escalator GIC 60 month 85,036.16
Total Investments 135,400.93
Receivable Accounts
Norrona Receivable 2,020.14
Total Norrona Receivable 2,020.14
50 % GST Receivable 36.25
Total Receivables 2,056.39
Capital Assets
Church & Property 675,339.00
Office Furniture & Equipment 116,800.00
Net-Church Building & Equipment 792,139.00
Parsonage 228,500.00
Total Capital Assets 1,020,639.00
TOTAL ASSET 1,187,391.41
Current Liabilities
Damage Deposit 500.00
Total Current Liabilities 500.00
Member’s Equity
Equity – Previous Year 1,190,277.20
Current Earnings -3,385.79
Total Retained Earnings 1,186,891.41
TOTAL EQUITY 1,186,891.41

Pastor’s Report

As I write these words, I am on holidays. I spent the whole day cutting out two trailer loads of brambles and rose trees and mock plums (HUGE thorns on those). Then I loaded up one trailer full for tomorrow morning. I am a hero at holidays. Well, I may have overstated my holiday talents. In fact, I may not be good at all at holidaying. I tend to find big and little projects and spend my time and energy doing more work than when I am at work!

What are holidays for anyway? Do they seem like a waste of good working days to you? And where does the idea come from anyway? Well the answer to that last question is clear right inside the word. Holiday is a contraction of “Holy Day.” Nobody knows when the first holiday was declared, but we have many stories about them and our tradition has it starting as part of the creation of the world. God rested on the seventh day and hallowed it, made it a Holy Day. So the seventh “day” of creation is the first holiday. This has important implications. It tells us that holidays are a fundamental part of our humanity and of the nature of the world. We need them so we have been given them.

Did God really need to rest after creating the world? Is it important that the creator of the universe take a nap? Of course not! The great Sufi poet wrote “the earth would die if the sun stopped kissing her.” This is a beautiful way of saying that God is always sending us love and life and is sustaining us constantly. The source of love and being never stops. It is we who need to rest. It is we who need a Holy Day. Jesus said it well: “The sabbath was created for people, not people for the sabbath.” God instituted the days of rest for our benefit because we do not have the bottomless well of resources that are part of the nature of The Divine. As a result, as soon as I finish this message, I am going to bed. I need rest. We all need rest and we need the refreshing gift of a holiday.

I will be done this big yard project tomorrow. I will haul all these branches away and park the trailer. I will be done this article this evening and will send it in. We will get our rest. We will then take some time to visit close family, and if the weather cooperates, we will go sailing. We may do some fishing too and Peggy will paint and draw. We have a couple of nearby sights we have not yet seen so there will be some short trips to enjoy. We are taking our Holy Days. We, like every one of us, need our rest and relaxation and renewal.

May you have time for rest and renewal this season. May you be refreshed and enlivened by your Holy Days of rest. God bless you all richly as you are made new and may our mutual ministries of love and care be strengthened by our time off. God bless the Holy Days, the holidays. Amen.

Norrona News

A special Thank you to Marion Scherle, a member of the Earl Grey Lutheran Church, for giving us permission to print the “Covid-19” poem that she wrote which appeared in last months newsletter.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Norrona will not be able

to go ahead with the annual CLWR concert scheduled for August. If anyone would still like to donate to this event, one could e transfer money to Brenda Small by way of her email address – or send a cheque to Brenda Small- R.R. 2 Craven Sask. S0G 0W0. Please remember to indicate the funds are to go to CLWR, and to make your cheque payable to Norrona Lutheran Church.

Due to Covid-19 the joint service scheduled for July at Norrona will not be held.

A Thank you letter from The Last Pioneer Home was received, expressing appreciation to anyone who has volunteered at the home this past year.

If there are any questions concerning Norrona, please contact our council chairperson, Merna Hanson @ 306 725-4582.

A chuckle that will hopefully put a smile on your face.

A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin,5 Ryan,3. The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake. Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson. “If Jesus were sitting here, Jesus would say,” Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait.” Kevin turned to his younger brother and quickly said, “Ryan you be Jesus!”.

Wishing everyone a healthy and peaceful summer. Take care and keep safe.

God’s Blessings to all.

Norrona Lutheran Church

Financial Report – May 2020

Norrona Revenue

*Regular Sunday Offering (envelopes,

benevolence/missions (including CLWR),

loose, and other Norrona regular offering) $2,962.04

*Other revenue (e.g. bank interest, Norrona

fundraising, and other Norrona-specific

revenue) $1,652.40

Total Revenue $4,614.44

Norrona Expenses

*Norrona portion of Parish Expenses (e.g.

Pastor salary, benefits, EI, mileage, Pulpit

Supply, office & worship supplies, telephone

office secretary) – paid to St. John $2,023.66

*Norrona Congregational Expenses (e.g.

maintenance, insurance, utilities, fundraising,

worship & office supplies, organist) $ 241.73

*Missions of the Church (e.g. Sask. Synod,

CLWR, and other Norrona specific mission

projects) $ 180.00

Total Expenses $2,445.39

Net Income $2,169.05

Included in total revenue is $297.04 COVID subsidy.